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Aluminium Roller Shutters Melbourne

We specialise in customising and installing aluminium roller shutters across Melbourne. Call us today to arrange a no-obligation consultation to discuss the ideal roller shutter solution for your home or business.

The nu-Style roller shutter range is specifically designed for covering windows, corner windows, bay windows, sliding doors, front doors including alcove type entrances, skylights and become a space saving necessity for those European type laundry set ups.

Our roller shutters span any size up to 3.6m wide, as a single roller shutter. By using support mullions, any desired span width can be achieved.

Roller Shutters are the modern, effective and affordable way to give your home the lifestyle and comfort that you want, plus the security and privacy that you need.

Imagine being cooler in summer and warmer in winter without the use of energy and year-round protection against intruders, noise, wind, debris and damaging UV rays. You can get all of this and more simply by installing nu-Style Roller Shutters. 

Our Roller Shutters are tailor made to fit your windows right here in Melbourne. They are manufactured to the highest level of quality and standards and installed by expert technicians.

Features & Benefits

The Lifestyle Roller shutters auto locking features in the pelmet box eliminate windows being smashed or opened. Once in the locking position and fully closed, the shutter cannot be lifted which will make entry for the would be thief very difficult.

Stop them at the footpath as the roller shutter also acts as a visual deterrent. It's been proven, having an alarm or a dog doesn't stop skilled thieves from entering your house.

When people talk about insulation these days they often are referring to their roof and wall insulation. What about the windows? Did you know that most of the heat and cold transfer happens through your windows?

The Lifestyle Roller shutter is insulated with high density polyurethane which reduces heat/cold transfer by up to 90%! Reduce your air conditioner running costs by up to 40%. You too can do your bit for the environment. Prolong the life of you air conditioner and having it running more economically... you save money and the environment at the same time! You can do the same in winter also, by stopping the heat escaping through your windows.

The Lifestyle Roller shutter can reduce the light in your home in any situation. With the roller shutter being able to block out up to 100% of light (depending on the different fittings on various houses) you can sleep peacefully during the day if you're a shift worker or even put your kids to bed early when its daylight savings. Cover the windows of your home theatre room and have a real dark cinema experience.

Reduce the noise coming into your house by up to 60%. Once the roller shutter is fully closed the insulation will help you block out that noise on a Sunday morning from your neighbour cutting their grass or the traffic at 7am on a Monday morning.

Parents will find this feature a blessing as they can put their baby to rest without having them wake up from those loud noises. Why wouldn't you want a roller shutter on your window?

With large perforation holes in the slat, this feature allows constant ventilation of air through the windows whilst open. This works well with evaporative air conditioners which require the window to be open a little for maximum cooling effect. With blocks of land getting smaller and getting more expensive, we are just about living in each other's pockets. The need for privacy has been more than ever so now you can keep those prying eyes out of your home! It is important to note that the roller shutter cannot lock automatically if the perforation holes are OPEN!

As one of the most popular home improvement products on the market today, they do add value to the home at sale and add features that make your home more desirable on the "for sale" market today. With so many people today investing in roller shutters for their home, we regularly have enquiries from people wanting more roller shutters because they had them on the old home that was now been sold.

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